Blacks can't be racist until they control everything?

Joy Behar here exemplifies the tortuous attempts by leftist whites to affirm the victimhood mantra of the left no matter how it violates basic logic.

If Behar is correct, then, whatever group of people is the majority in any culture will be racist by default. This contradicts what we are constantly told by black leftists that racism is always and nothing more than about skin color!

This is the irrational nature of this relentless emphasis on victimhood and "systematic racism" which always means whatever the particular leftist speaking about it wants it to mean.

It is illogical, it is incoherent but, more importantly, it is false. There is no systematic racism in the country. 

However, there is systematic abuse of blacks in inner cities by race hustlers and other so called "social justice" activists continually raising the false charge of racism to garnish votes from black voters.

Once in power, they never look back.

Elijah Cummings is an excellent example.

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