Racism as ideology...

The problem I have with pieces like this is the continual insistence that, because there was racism in the past as seen in old history books, racism somehow still remains as a systematic problem in the nation.

You can see that here:

"The assumptions of white priority, white domination, and white importance underlie every chapter and every theme of the thousands of textbooks that blanketed the country. This is the vast tectonic plate that underlies American culture. And while the worst features of our textbook legacy may have ended, the themes, facts, and attitudes of supremacist ideologies are deeply embedded in what we teach and how we teach it."

It's as if racism is like a metaphysical substance that has infected white people with no possible cure where the only thing that can be done is for "people of color" to excercise eternal vigilance against the white race. In many ways, this view is just as racist as the racism this author is worried about.

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