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So yet another round of Democrat debate and what have we learned? We learned that if you are going to vote for any of these candidates you have to believe:

1. That the nation is systematically racist.
2. That people of color are in dire jeopardy while Trump is in office.
3. That Trump MUST be impeached.
4. That reparations must be paid.
5. Our private healthcare system must be demolished and replaced with a universal healthcare system.
6. That all guns legally and privately owned must be confiscated.
7. That climate change will take us out in the next 10 years.
8. Illegal aliens are simply much more important nd deserve more rights than American citizens.

Those, are the major talking points of these cooks, misfits, half witted, communists, opportunists, fraudulent, race baiting, political hacks.

I don't know about you, but I feel pretty good about Trump winning another term.

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