Julianne Moore says take those guns...

Funny how leftist Hollywood thinks of itself as having any credibility whatsoever when it wants to lecture the rest of us on political issues.

This is the same set of moral degenerates who tolerate pedophiles, sexual assault on woman and reprobates like Michael Moore.

None of the laws being proposed would have stopped the latest shootings. No law passed will ever stop these shootings. Even if you confiscated guns, you would still have shootings. In fact, you would have more because the criminal element would now be able to attack the rest of us who would then be disarmed.

Red flag laws are unconstitutional and if any were to pass, that would be proven at the US Supreme Court.

All of this hand wringing is just that. The Democrats are, as usual, exploiting this for votes. Sadly, even Republicans now seem to be buckling under the media pressure.

Policies implemented because of political pressure just results in even more problems.

Hey, Hollywood, here is a thought, just act and shut the hell up!

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