So called "hate speech" goes both ways...

Really "Betto"?

Why don't we start with you and the other left-wing nut jobs calling Trump everything from a white supremacist to Hitler himself?

Why don't we start with the leftist media calling us who want protected borders, who stand for the right to bear arms, who don't support sacrificing capitalism and our standard of living for the unsubstantiated fear mongering of climate change nut jobs, who believe abortion is murder, who do not want socialized medicine everything from white supremacists, nativists, science deniers, deplorables, racists and every other nasty name they can come up with?

See "Betto," it cuts both ways.

We conservatives have been taking it in the chin byingrates like you for a long time and now we finally have a Republican president that will hit you back. And this is what you and the rest of the leftist rabble can't stand. This is why the left has gone crazy with hatred against Trump. Well, wait till 2020 when we put him back in office for another four years.

How sweet that will be you wretched reprobates.

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