The deplorable Democrats...

This is what is detestable about the Democrats running for office. The Michael Brown shooting has been turned into a racial myth despite the clear evidence of what actually happened.

Same thing with Trump supposedly  supporting white supremacists when he said "there are good people on both sides" in the Charlottesville incident. Brown was not shot running away with his hands up helplessly yelling "do not shoot." He was viciously attacking a police officer.

Trump was not drawing any kind of moral equivalence between the white supremacist and the people protesting to remove Confederate statues. He was referring to the people who were protesting for the removal of the statues and the people who were protesting for the statues to remain.

Not all of those people were racist, white supremacist. They simply had a contrary  opinion. But the leftist media and the despicable Democrats running for office will twist and distort the truth to spark racial tensions and win office at any price.

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