Pseudo News Events...

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The problem with this,Will, is that just about everything you have written is make believe. The name for what you are doing here is flaming a pseudo-event. Trump has not done anything wrong, he has not done the things you and the despicable  conga line other leftist "journalists" accusing of doing. But this is how this dirty business works.

You write this filth full of lies and then another one of your deplorable apparatchiks picks it up where you left off and its off to the races!

Fortunately,  you bastards no longer can control the narrative nor do you have a monopoly on sources of news and opinions. You can no longer fool the attentive American public like your kind used to do and, therefore,  you are not fooling anyone. This kind of garbage is nothing more than Kool-Aid for the rabid, mindless, leftist throngs  that make up the base of the Democrat party.

Normal Americans, decent Americans, Americans not made mentally deranged as a result of leftist propaganda, however, know just who and what you are. A lousy, stinking Democrat disguised as a "journalist."

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