Thursday, January 6, 2022

The Big Lie...


The illegitimate, brain dead offal that is now in the oval office and his sleep to the top vice president Kamala spoke the words written for them by the deep state minions who now have rule with full abandonment in Washington.

You and I are to believe that the protest that occurred on January 6 last year was tantamount to 9-11, Peral Harbor, or even "Bloody Sunday." The comparison is not only absurd but an insult to all of those individuals who participated and experience real loss in those pivotal events.

The questions Americans want answer is Nancy Pelosi refusing to release hundreds of hours of video of the protest? Who is this government operative named Epps and why is their no investigation as to what role he played in instigating the breaking into the capital building.

Even more damning for the Democrats, why is Nancy Pelosi refusing to release documents detailing her actions or lack of action on January 6? It was her job, as Speaker, to ensure the safety of the Capital. Where was Nancy?

Since Trump was elected, the left did not tire of riots and protests everywhere and anywhere for the full length of his term in office. The left even threaten the Supreme Court as a mom led by Chuck Schumer threaten the Justices with violence if they did not rule as they wanted them to rule.

The real threat to Democracy is this administration and the American people have come to realize just what a threat these animals are and you can see this clearly in Biden's approval rating.

The fact of the matter is that Biden and his handlers succeeded in giving us double digit inflation, massive, trillion dollar spending and they want to do more, they have devastated the ranks of the military by enforcing mandatory vaccine mandates, they have made parents appropriately exercising their rights to protest before school boards into enemies of the state, they have demolished our energy independence (achieve under Trump)to the point now where Biden begs nations that do not have our best as a principal concern for oil to help us keep down gas prices. 

Hey, Biden junta, you are not fooling anyone, you are not persuading anyone, we, the two thirds of this country who own and rule the country see through your lies.

You and your den of despotic handlers know the tsunami that is coming your way and you are flailing now. You are throwing up dirt and hoping you can distract the nation from the economic and societal destruction and devastation you have wrought in just one year.

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