Michelle's demented mind...

The Democrats are having a love fest over Michelle that resembles a collective public orgasm.

For me, the word that comes to mind when I think about Michelle' speech is what my daughter says when her pull-up needs changing, "poopies."

Ungrateful ingrates...

Nobody wants to see a bunch of very wealthy black athletes attacking the very country and society that has enabled them to become so wealthy.

The slut and the schmuck...

A radical leftist who slept her way to the top, who's family own slaves and who made a career of putting black men in jail and an old white racist who thinks all black people are the same.

....and this is the "progressive" party...

Justice for Cannon

This poor little 5 year old was slaughtered point blank by this black bastard

But I bet you have not heard any mention of this on the mainstream media.

You have not heard all the leftist race baitors going on and on about how this is just one example of systematic racism against white people.

It is sickening. If you are white, and especially if you live near a large city, be careful. It is open season on people with white skin and no one gives a damn.

May the angels carry you into heaven little Cannon.

May this black killer burn in hell.

Professor attacks math...

This is where leftist ideology eventually takes you.

They want to feed us to the animals...

Of course! Dismantle all of the protective instutions established to protect us, the citizenry, and take away our right to keep and bear arms, so as to leave us, the law abiding segment of the population, completely defenseless at the hands of the animals.

And people wonder why we on the right stand firmly behind Trump?

Way to go President Trump!

Since Obama got away with DACA, Trump is on good ground taking this action.

And if the Democrats try to kill this by going to court, they will be the party fighting against aid to people who need it just before a major election.

Sheer genius.

Story here.