Schiff Should be Indicted, convicted and jailed.

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The whistle blower pretense to impeach Trump is starting to come apart at the seemsHouse Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff has been in on the con since the very beginning. 

He wrote the phony, second hand account which was revealed to be a big lie when Trump released the transcript of his conversation with the Ukrainian president and he has been working closely with the media to pump this sham in the the public mind.

Schiff should is a cancerous, slim ball and his day will come.

Illegals get special rights...

This is what we have come to when it comes to illegals. Police cannot even detain them to be o7cked up by ICE. The amount of lawlessness the left is injecting into our society is really reaching a critical point. Something has to be done.

Pseudo News Events...

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The problem with this,Will, is that just about everything you have written is make believe. The name for what you are doing here is flaming a pseudo-event. Trump has not done anything wrong, he has not done the things you and the despicable  conga line other leftist "journalists" accusing of doing. But this is how this dirty business works.

You write this filth full of lies and then another one of your deplorable apparatchiks picks it up where you left off and its off to the races!

Fortunately,  you bastards no longer can control the narrative nor do you have a monopoly on sources of news and opinions. You can no longer fool the attentive American public like your kind used to do and, therefore,  you are not fooling anyone. This kind of garbage is nothing more than Kool-Aid for the rabid, mindless, leftist throngs  that make up the base of the Democrat party.

Normal Americans, decent Americans, Americans not made mentally deranged as a result of leftist propaganda, however, know just who and what you are. A lousy, stinking Democrat disguised as a "journalist."

It has come down to this...

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Trump is right. This is nothing less and nothing else than a Democrat coup to depose a duly elected US president. We can't stand for it, we must stand against this, we must fight this no matter what the cost. It is that important. We are facing a governmental crises in this country the like of which we have not seen since the Civil War.

You will have to pick a side.

Trump is essentially alone...

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This is the handicap that Trump, unfortunately, is operating under.  Trump, I am sure, would love to fight the Democrats with all of the resources of his office and, in doing so, he would be doing something good for the presidency, for the Constitution, and ultimately, for the American people.

Unfortunately, if he charges as the Democrats as only Trump truly can, he has to be worried about who in his camp will shoot him in the back. Those who should be behind Trump, if for nothing more than for party loyalty (like the Democrats always do), can not be trusted to guard his rear but instead, are a rear enemy Trump has to guard against as well as protecting himself from the Democrats.

Trump is a valiant man and he is deserving of our stanches support.

Mark Hamill is an class A-one A-hole...

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This is a perfect example of the demented and twisted people populating Hollywood. Marl Hamill took issue with a 3 year old wearing his sorry ass Luke Skywalker costume.

You know what, dumb ass Hamill, your pathetic. Go to hell you effeminate putz.

Just get the damn thing built already!

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This is good news. Just as long as the damn thing is being built! How about diverting some of those billions of dollars spend on defending the middle east against itself over to the wall so we can get it done before Trump leaves office.