Thursday, February 16, 2017

Middle America is back...

Why did Trump win?

After eight years of Obama the left was sure it had achieved ideological over the hearts and mind of most Americans. Any vestiges remaining of patriotism, nationalism,  traditional religious, traditional American values were thought to be either completely expunged from a majority of Americans or of little political consequence. The left was basking in triumphalism. So, when Trump won an entire edifice of political, social and ideological assumptions came crashing down all around the left.

Middle America is not dead, oh it has been badly bruised and abused by the trifecta that makes up the power base of the left, but all the ideological assaults by Hollywood, all of the propagandistic efforts by the propagators of fake news in the media and all of the brain relentless and brain washing by leftist teachers and professors have only served to re-awaken a the fires of middle America.

Like a battered boxer, bloodied and gasping for air, believed to be out for the count, Middle America has regained its footing and is now fully back in the fight. This is not going to be a quick, three round affair. Trump may be only the beginning of a long march to reconquer the nation from the cancerous and malignant malady that is the left but at last, middle America is back in the fight and, hopefully, this time, it will not allow itself to be intimidated, bullied, shamed or rope-a-doped into submission by the left.

And this we owe to Trump. Trump spoke to and reverberated with traditional Americans in ways that no politician has done in a very long time.  Whether by accident or by design, Trump was able to revitalized the spirit of traditional America enough to win the presidency.

This will not be an easy battle. We have already seen just how obstinate and determined the left is in crushing Trump's presidency. If Trump is to succeed, middle America, traditional Americans, the America the left despises and thought it had irradiated will need to form the phalanx and assault the left with everything it has. The left must be beaten and it must be beaten comprehensively and without reservation. It must not be shown any quarter and it must be swept into the dust bin of history as nothing more than a blip in the history of this great nation.

Nothing else will do and only middle America, traditional American, patriots and God fearing Americans have the resoluteness, the soundness of mind and the strength of character to fight this fight to the end.

Let's get to work.