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So yet another round of Democrat debate and what have we learned? We learned that if you are going to vote for any of these candidates you have to believe:

1. That the nation is systematically racist.
2. That people of color are in dire jeopardy while Trump is in office.
3. That Trump MUST be impeached.
4. That reparations must be paid.
5. Our private healthcare system must be demolished and replaced with a universal healthcare system.
6. That all guns legally and privately owned must be confiscated.
7. That climate change will take us out in the next 10 years.
8. Illegal aliens are simply much more important nd deserve more rights than American citizens.

Those, are the major talking points of these cooks, misfits, half witted, communists, opportunists, fraudulent, race baiting, political hacks.

I don't know about you, but I feel pretty good about Trump winning another term.

Money to be made peddling "white privilege"

All of politics is like this. In a capitalist system, those in politics learn how to leverage the right political positions to maximize gain-and by gain I mean money.

What is funny here is you have white liberals talking about their supposed privilege--which is reinforced by the fact that these universities are quite happy to fork over the big bucks to them!

You couldn't make this up.

All white 2nd Democrat debate tonight...

The laughs and lunacy continues tonight folks but someone got something seriously wrong!

You will only see the white candidates tonight. The two prominent black candidates have been relegated to the second night. You will have to wait until tomorrow night to get your Cory and Kamala fix.

Where is Jesse and Sharpton pointing out the obvious injustice here?

Where are the clucking hens of the View?

Where is the squad on this obvious racist attempt to minimize the candidates "of color?"

Trump hating reporter proves Trump right...

This reporter attempting to make the case that Trump is wrong in what he says about Blatimore, doesn't see the giant rat running out from a pile of garbage behind her.

The camera recording her caught the rat as she went on about how Trump should go to Baltimore and see it for himself.

It doesn't get any better than that.

Blacks can't be racist until they control everything?

Joy Behar here exemplifies the tortuous attempts by leftist whites to affirm the victimhood mantra of the left no matter how it violates basic logic.

If Behar is correct, then, whatever group of people is the majority in any culture will be racist by default. This contradicts what we are constantly told by black leftists that racism is always and nothing more than about skin color!

This is the irrational nature of this relentless emphasis on victimhood and "systematic racism" which always means whatever the particular leftist speaking about it wants it to mean.

It is illogical, it is incoherent but, more importantly, it is false. There is no systematic racism in the country. 

However, there is systematic abuse of blacks in inner cities by race hustlers and other so called "social justice" activists continually raising the false charge of racism to garnish votes from black voters.

Once in power, they never look back.

Elijah Cummings is an excellent example.

Trump Magic...

Baltimore, Not Enough Officers to Respond to 911 Calls

And the entire city, from the top down, is run by Democrats.

No, Trump was not wrong, he was not racist. He merely pointed out what the Democrats don't want anyone to point out. That they are miserable failures at running our major city and it's time the people in these cities rise up and throw them all out of office.

World ends, 2050

It used to be odd ball, religious cult leaders who never stopped warning us the end is nigh. No, it's no longer religious nuts admonishing us to repent and change our sinful ways, its now "climate change" alarmists.

If we do not repent and stop our sinful practice of emitting greenhouse gases, the end is as close as 2050.

And by "greenhouse gases" they mean carbon dioxide. Not carbon monoxide, the poison, but carbon dioxide somthing you and, I and every living thing on the planet, emits as natural byproduct of simply living.

And just as the wise among us ignore the religious nut cases, so should we ignore these nutty carbonphobes.

Baltimore Mayor Complaining About Rats, Dead Animals...

Maybe the former Mayor of Baltimore is racist too?

To quote the good Mayor,

"What the hell? We should just take all this shit down. ... Whoa, you can smell the rats. ... Whew, Jesus. ... Oh, my God, you can smell the dead animals."

Where was the outrage? More importantly, what did she, the former Democrat Mayor,  do about it?

William Barr set free.

Attorney General William Barr has now been given the green light to go after Mueller, Comey, Weisman and all the other assorted characters who tried to topple a duly elected president of the United States.

For three years these characters pulled every dirty, underhanded and illegal trick in the book to bring down Trump.

Now it's time for the tables to be turned and have them answer for this travesty the nation has suffered for no other reason than that they hated Trump.

Payback is a beach.

The new age, Democrat presidential candidate says, beware Trump...

Flighty Marianne Williamson wants the nation to realize we have a very serious problem with Trump.

A problem, no doubt, she will fix by spreaded love across the land when she is president.

Venezuelans are coming...

When will this invasion of our country reach the level of a full fledge national emergency?

Does the country mean anything to the elites in Washington?  We are teaching a real crises moment in our country if this inundation of illigal aliens is not stopped.

Yet another young American woman killed by an illegal

Another illigal alien animal snuffs out the life of this beautiful, young American woman. This animal should hang from a tree.

And we just keep letting these soulless monsters cross our border putting more young woman like Marlena Hayes in danger.

The lives of our American woman are not as important as the illegals crossing the border.

Anchor babies...

So when Trump attempts to raise concern over this loophole that allows woman from all over central and south America to game the illegal alien system at the southern border he is a racist right?

In our current political climate, denying reality is noble and compassionate while pointing out the reality of a situation is racist.

Only in the upside down universe we find ourselves in as Americans.

Democrats are losing it...

The saga so far...

Baltimore Homicides on Track to Top 300 for 5th Consecutive Year

No, Baltimore is not a hellhole. Why, good old, hard working Elijah Cummings has single handedly cleaned up the place to the point where it is a virtual paradise.

Trump doesn't know what he is talking about in his "racist" rant against Elijah, a model of honest politics.

Bernie Sanders agrees with Trump when it comes to Baltimore...

All of this uproar and acrimony over Trump's comments about Baltimore yet, no one seemed to object when Bernie said essentially the same thing as Trump. Not even Elijah.

Bernie's own words,

"Anyone who took the walk that we took around this neighborhood would not think you're in a wealthy nation. You would think that you were in a Third World country."

The hypocrisy of it all is laughable.

Chris Wallace seeks leftist media approval

Chris Wallace doesn't like the words chosen by the president to accurately criticize the sqaud and Elijah Cummings. Trump's selection of words is simply intolerable and offensive to sensitive Wallace.

Why don't you instead look into the substance of Trump's response to attacks initiated by the squad and Cummings against Trump and stop worrying about how Trump responded.

Wallace, good luck trying to curry favor with the leftist, Trump hating, mainstream media. Who knows, they may even offer you a slot over at CNN. That seems to your desired, natural habitat.

Trump makes CNN anchor Victor Blackwell cry

Hey, Vicor, attempting to twist the president's words into some kind of racial slur against Baltimore is simply reprehensible.

Mischaracterizing the accurate criticism of despicable Elijah Cummings by the president doesn't gain you any sympathy no matter how many tears you shed.

What you are doing is not only reprehensible, but your false water works is laughable and downright unmanly. Grow a pair Victor.

47% doesn't imply impeachment...

Assuming this poll is accurate, the way to address this issue is not by using provenly false charges against the president in a vain attempt to remove him from office.

The way to handle this is to let the electorate decide if they (not the Democrats in one house of Congress) want to get rid of Trump. That is the only fair way to do this and what the framers had in mind.

Not Going to ‘Play Fair’ to Put Trump in Jail...

If you've ever had any doubt about the ideological warfare the media is waging against Trump, this should clarify it for you.

It's not just about how they continually dispense fake news, it's now about how leftist media elites will do everything in their power to overrule the will of the voters who put Trump into office. By any means necessary.

They are now, enemies of most of America.

Elijah Cummings gets schooled by Trump...

Trump is correct of course. The mystery is how many Democrat politicians like Elijah Cummings continue to be voted back into office year after year by a constituency that benefits little, if at all, by being represented by them.

Racism as ideology...

The problem I have with pieces like this is the continual insistence that, because there was racism in the past as seen in old history books, racism somehow still remains as a systematic problem in the nation.

You can see that here:

"The assumptions of white priority, white domination, and white importance underlie every chapter and every theme of the thousands of textbooks that blanketed the country. This is the vast tectonic plate that underlies American culture. And while the worst features of our textbook legacy may have ended, the themes, facts, and attitudes of supremacist ideologies are deeply embedded in what we teach and how we teach it."

It's as if racism is like a metaphysical substance that has infected white people with no possible cure where the only thing that can be done is for "people of color" to excercise eternal vigilance against the white race. In many ways, this view is just as racist as the racism this author is worried about.

No Traving In Your Early 20's, get a job...

Waste your time "seeing the workd," forgo gaining valuable work experience which will make traveling in your later years, that much more sweeter. An interesting contrarian view.

Jeffrey Wright hates Trump

Jeffrey, Jeffrey, Jeffrey, what you don't understand is that this president was sent there by millions of Americans who detest you, detest what you stand for and would love nothing more if you left the country and maybe moved to Canada.

Jeffrey, you will get another four years to spout the hateful, profane attacks on this president come 2020. I just can't wait to read your reaction on that night.

Don't blame capitalism...

One common complaint from the left about capitalism is that "the capitalist system — mostly through advertising — makes us miserable by convincing us we must continually compete with others to raise our economic and social status within society."

Well, that's just nonsense.

We are African Americans and we stand with the crazy squad...

The thing is, when you call someone racist just because they take a contrary political opinion to yours, OPEDs like this sound very hollow and self serving. No one is scared of   you leftist radicals and your ridiculous cries of racism anymore.

How the left gave birth to Trump...

Is Mars hollow...?

Doctors in UK Forced to Tell Women Not to Put Ice Lollies in Their Vaginas to Cool Down

Didn't even know this was a thing...

How to survive and thrive in our age of uncertainty

"You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack
And you may find yourself in another part of the world
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile
You may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife
You may ask yourself, "'Well, how did I get here?'"

The illusion of socialism...

This defuncted, utopian disease just never seems to die.

Exercise Can't Save Us: Our Sugar Intake Is The Real Culprit

Sugar, the death of us all...

Bernie Sanders Learns A Small Business Lesson

Even the great commie cannot circumvent the laws of economics...

The future of work...

Jobs here to stay, jobs that will dissapeare...

Omar warns of dangerous white men...

Omar thinks the biggest problem we need to worry about when it comes to terrorism is those dastardly white men.

She is one sick lady.

The Mueller, Comey connection...

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Just how well did they know each other...

The Democrat Obsession...

Trump Derangement Syndrome...

House Oversight Votes to Subpoena White House for Emails

The insanity just doesn't stop...

What is not seen...

The US flag flies over Chinese shipping containers that were unloaded at the Port of Long Beach, in Los Angeles County, on September 29, 2018. - President Donald Trump insisted that there had been "absolutely no impact" on the US economy from the escalating trade dispute between his administration and …

The new mercantilism...


I haven't the slightest idea why...

Ilhan Omar SPLITS with her husband a second time...

The lurid background of Omar...

Tlaib the rabid Jew hater in good company...

The UN gaggle...

The UN needs to be kicked out of US solid and should leave this decrepit organization and never give it another dime. What a joke this collection of gangsters.

The anti-semitism of Tlaib...

Tlaib simply hates Jews and has done so for a long time now.

Dems launch impeachment investigation

In their world of make believe they will go forward with an impeachment despite the lack of any justification whatsoever. Let's see how damaging will be their collective concussion when they run into reality...

Supreme Court paves way for Trump administration to use military funds for border wall

This never should have been something to be settled in court. The president had full power to do this as a separate and equal branch of government.

The Dems are worried...

Bette Midler Slammed For Racist Tweet Against Black Trump Supporters

The left shows its bigotry and racism with impunity...

We Have Already Entered The Sixth And Final Era Of Our Universe


Unnecessary government intrusion...

Why the cost of pizza will increase if the courts agree with this silly law suit.