The dreamers...

These are the "dreamers" crossing our southern border and killing Americans.

But see, we are suppose to believe anyone who raises concerns about this is a racist, xenophobic and maybe even a white supremacist.

Trump is going to win in a landslide.

Leftist wants violence...

Imagine if this were done to Obama while he was in office.

It's the left that likes to threaten violence against those that disagree with them

But it's Trump we are suppose to he concerned about.


Worry more about leftist revisionist history

Yes, but the problem is not only "white supremacist" revisionist history.  It is much more so leftist revisionist history.

*Calling the Constitution merely the product of racists.
*Calling America a racist country as if the *Civil War never happened.
*Calling America a racist country as if the civil rights movement did not result in the elimination of Jim Crow laws.
*Perpetuating the misunderstanding of the 3/5 clause regarding slaves in the south.
*Burying the fact that it is the Democrat party which has a clear history of racism against African Americans (not the Republican party).
*Calling Trump supporters white supremacists, etc.,

These are just some of the ways the left rewrites history to fit a false leftist ideology in colleges and universities across the country.

Julianne Moore says take those guns...

Funny how leftist Hollywood thinks of itself as having any credibility whatsoever when it wants to lecture the rest of us on political issues.

This is the same set of moral degenerates who tolerate pedophiles, sexual assault on woman and reprobates like Michael Moore.

None of the laws being proposed would have stopped the latest shootings. No law passed will ever stop these shootings. Even if you confiscated guns, you would still have shootings. In fact, you would have more because the criminal element would now be able to attack the rest of us who would then be disarmed.

Red flag laws are unconstitutional and if any were to pass, that would be proven at the US Supreme Court.

All of this hand wringing is just that. The Democrats are, as usual, exploiting this for votes. Sadly, even Republicans now seem to be buckling under the media pressure.

Policies implemented because of political pressure just results in even more problems.

Hey, Hollywood, here is a thought, just act and shut the hell up!

So called "hate speech" goes both ways...

Really "Betto"?

Why don't we start with you and the other left-wing nut jobs calling Trump everything from a white supremacist to Hitler himself?

Why don't we start with the leftist media calling us who want protected borders, who stand for the right to bear arms, who don't support sacrificing capitalism and our standard of living for the unsubstantiated fear mongering of climate change nut jobs, who believe abortion is murder, who do not want socialized medicine everything from white supremacists, nativists, science deniers, deplorables, racists and every other nasty name they can come up with?

See "Betto," it cuts both ways.

We conservatives have been taking it in the chin byingrates like you for a long time and now we finally have a Republican president that will hit you back. And this is what you and the rest of the leftist rabble can't stand. This is why the left has gone crazy with hatred against Trump. Well, wait till 2020 when we put him back in office for another four years.

How sweet that will be you wretched reprobates.

The deplorable Democrats...

This is what is detestable about the Democrats running for office. The Michael Brown shooting has been turned into a racial myth despite the clear evidence of what actually happened.

Same thing with Trump supposedly  supporting white supremacists when he said "there are good people on both sides" in the Charlottesville incident. Brown was not shot running away with his hands up helplessly yelling "do not shoot." He was viciously attacking a police officer.

Trump was not drawing any kind of moral equivalence between the white supremacist and the people protesting to remove Confederate statues. He was referring to the people who were protesting for the removal of the statues and the people who were protesting for the statues to remain.

Not all of those people were racist, white supremacist. They simply had a contrary  opinion. But the leftist media and the despicable Democrats running for office will twist and distort the truth to spark racial tensions and win office at any price.

We have to worry about white nationalists you say...

So you have heard all day  that the problem is white nationalists spurred on by Trump.

This is the "deep conversation" we need to have (to use Kamala Harris' phrase).

Where is the outrage over Chicago...?

The shooting situation in Chicago is horrific but it doesn't get the same kind of attention as other shootings because in Chicago it is primarily black on black crime.

The hypocrisy is astonishing...

Dayton OH shooter was a leftist, just like the Democrats...

The shooter at Dayton was a leftist driven by leftist belief. He was not right wing, he was not a Republican and he was not a Trump supporter.

In fact, he was a supporter of Elizabeth Warren.

But the insane media and the shameless Democrats never miss an opportunity to blame all three, especially blaming Trump.