Mark Hamill is an class A-one A-hole...

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This is a perfect example of the demented and twisted people populating Hollywood. Marl Hamill took issue with a 3 year old wearing his sorry ass Luke Skywalker costume.

You know what, dumb ass Hamill, your pathetic. Go to hell you effeminate putz.

Just get the damn thing built already!

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This is good news. Just as long as the damn thing is being built! How about diverting some of those billions of dollars spend on defending the middle east against itself over to the wall so we can get it done before Trump leaves office.

Is Forever 21 an early signal...?

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Could this portend bad news for the economy as a whole? 178 stores in the US, 300-350 stores worldwide, one has to wonder.

Destroy the machines...!!

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This is simply just too funny, There is simply no end to human stupidity. You cannot stop progress by destroying the machinery.

They just build more machines...

And now Giuliani...

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This just gets more and more absurd. The Democrats are acting like they are the sole branch of government with ultimate power. This needs to come to an end or we are headed towards a serious constitutional crisis.

More Republicans jump ship...

As more these occur, the more likely the madness in the House will go on yet another four years.

You have to wonder just what kind of people make up the Republican party.

They don't seem to give a damn about the nation.

No one wants to discount the brutality and inhumanity of slavery, but to make claims that the institution of slavery built America is yet another myth propped up by the left just like "Hands up, don't shoot."

There is no doubt that African-Americans have played a significant and powerful role in the history of this country but let's not re-write history along leftist, ideological lines. It's bad economic and it merely serves to continue to flame racial tensions. But this is exactly what the left wants. Sad.

They're baaaaaak....

Everyone must tune in tonight and watch this group of misfits, oddballs, socialists, pretenders and out right nut jobs defend such things as, decriminalization of illegas, taxpayer-funded healthcare for illegals, increase government spending by countless trillions of dollars, violating the rights of legal gun owners by confiscating their means of protection, killing babies all they way until they come out of the womb and taking away private health insurance from millions of American workers. I can't

Not Going To Happen...

Yeah, I don't think so. We've had our share of middle of the road, country club Republicans who do nothing and say nothing whenever they get attacked by the Democratic reprobates and simply cave at whatever the Democrats want. No thanks.

We had that with the Bush's and we have had enough of that nonsense. We will keep Trump. We are having too much fun seeing you Democrats go crazy and melt down because of Trump. That is priceless.