Tuesday, April 19, 2022

What Did You Expect....??


So it has finally happened, woman prisoners in US jails are being immigrated by men who simply identified themselves as "woman" and demanded they be imprisoned with woman. The government, captured by the transgenderism that is infecting our culture quickly acquiesced and now the inevitable has happened.

The government, politicians, the government media all described what they were doing as nothing more than placing "transgender woman" with regular woman together so as to give the impression that "transgender woman" are some kind of sub category of woman.

But, of course there is no such animal. If you put men dressed as woman with fully functioning penises, they will have sex with woman and woman will get pregnant.

What will become of these children? How will they see themselves as they are growing up and as adults when the full implications of how they were conceived comes is fully hits home?

I have a suggestion, you want to be housed with woman? Cut off your penis, then we will talk.

This is the madness of our dysfunctional, aberrant, and malignantly twisted culture. 

Ukraine is Bastion for Nazis...


Meet the Nazi party of Ukraine, Yes, did you know there are Nazis proudly and boldly displaying their Nazi symbols and propagating their Nazi propaganda of the superiority of the whole, Aryan race and they are a big part of the Ukrainian army?

I bet you had no idea. No surprise. The government media, and so called conservative talk show hosts are all in bed together pushing this war and trying very hard to make sure you only focus on those dastardly Russians and never give the Nazis in Ukraine  a second thought.

The Truth About Masks..

The leftists and other mentally deranged talking heads in the government media are up in arms because a judge finally had to guts to do something that should have been done a long time ago. The masks never worked, the masks were never supported by science and, in fact, the science that is out there about masks argue for not wearing them at all if the purpose is to not get Covid.

The truth about the mask is that is is a tool of control and of mass social conditioning so that the government has an easier time inflicting even more destructive and liberty denying mandates on free individuals.  

Shame on us for having put up with this for as long as we did and shame on you if you are subjecting your children to his madness. Forcing children to wear masks is a crime, we have forever psychically injured a whole generation of children by forcing them to wear masks and we will pay for this in the future.

If you still think masks are a good thin and, especially, if you still think children should be wearing them you are either ignorant, stupid or just plain evil.

If you are in the last category, may God have mercy on your soul.